Warming Up For Battle...

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About Us

OS-Fatality is an Old School Runescape (OSRS) Private Server with a concentration on PvP. However - we've worked hard on implementing several features within the server to provide an enjoyable experience for any player - from the avid skiller hunting a max cape, to a PvM master looking to take down the strongest and most powerful bosses across the maps. Our focus on giving an engaging experience to our community makes the gameplay a constant thrill, living no room for dull moments (unless you’re into that sorta thing).

If you're looking for an engaging community, a balanced economy, and/or a thrilling combat experience, you've hit the jackpot with OS-Fatality.

Pre-Release Events

Running a 50M OSRSGP Invitation Event (Discord) till the end of February!

Running a 10M-30M OSRSGP giveaway weekly spread between 3 users on discord!

If you have a Rune-Server account and you have our support banner in your signature, you are eligible to win 50$ on the server release!

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