20% Sale on Boxes In Store/Small Announcement!


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Jun 29, 2019

As we continue working on the server, I've laid out some stuff. I'm working on in the latest https://osfatality.com/forum/index.php?threads/11-12-2019-11-13-2019-1-update-log.1575/#post-9566 and also we've started a small sale on all "Boxes" in the store for 20% off and you might notice something cool in game like:

In which the next "donation" claim ingame will have a 40% chance to be doubled, for example if you claim 2 boxes ingame, it will doubled to 4. If you're lucky!

Can't wait to see how you guys feel about the latest update as we continue to improve the server!
After this week should be able to start working on content!!!

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