[11/14/2019-11/16/2019] #2 Update Log


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Jun 29, 2019
Hello! I know this update is alot smaller than usual but there is a reason for that, I got into a car wreck thursday, So I've been a little groggy and out of the weather dealing with that. I'm back and back on schedule and getting stuff knocked out :)
- Fixed Daily tasks "Pk Modes get PVP tasks only now", "Non PK Gets only PVM Now"
- Terror dogs are 1 slayer now
- Buffed the boss event a little to compensate for the huge reduction
- Watchman added to yanille
- buffed lizardman shaman rate on DWH
- Fixed objects not working, like varrock bank, runecrafting altars.
- Brundt the chieftain should be fixed now
- Removed the extra anti venoms from the shop
- Fixed null issue with rare drops not being announced and causing the npc to null
- Dense essence north shortcut fixed
- Corrupted scavengers chest yet again should be proper now.
- Removed a method causing people to force logout.
- Added DWH back to melee bm shop


Nov 9, 2019
Thank you for these updates sir! Sorry you've not been feeling the best, appreciate ya.
Time for 50 Hard Clues.

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